Every shop has a story and this is mine, one woman’s dream that evolved to be about Skin Care Pro Group

Let’s talk about what frustrates you about skin care:

  • The cost of skincare products. Skincare products can be expensive, especially if you need a variety of products to address different skin concerns. This can be a major barrier for women who are on a budget.

“I will create an effective skin care plan that is minimalist, super cost effective, and give you realistic results.”

  • The time commitment. A good skincare routine can take time to develop and implement. This can be a challenge for women who are busy with work, family, and other obligations.

“With my minimalist approach to skin care, I assure you that you can have the time to implement a system that works”

  • The lack of results. Not all skincare products work for everyone. This can be frustrating for women who have tried a variety of products without seeing the results they want.

“I am not into empty promises.  I will teach you what you need to know to get results out of your skin care routine and to understand when and how you will get the desired results as well as what your options are for getting faster or longer term results.”

  • The constant bombardment of skincare advice. There is so much information available about skincare, and it can be difficult to know what to believe. This can lead to confusion and frustration.

“I am all about education and uncompromising truths in skin care.  If you truly want to stop the overwhelm and empty promises, let me teach you what to do and you will be forever empowered to take care of your skin.”

  • The pressure to look a certain way. The beauty industry is constantly telling women that they need to have perfect skin. This can be a source of stress and anxiety for women who don’t feel like they measure up.

“We are people.  Not Barbies or Kens.  It is about having the best skin that we can, learning how to use makeup (if you like makeup) to enhance our faces, and about making ourselves a priority in our lives in terms of self-care.”


Skin Care Pro Group

About Skin Care Pro Group

Every shop has a story and this is mine, one woman’s dream that evolved to be about Skin Care Pro Group

I came into the world of professional makeup rather late into the stages of my life, and even later into professional skin care.  It all begun because I was bored and as an empty-nester, I just wanted to do something fun. 

I wanted to do something that I liked, something that allows me to stay connected to people, and something that was a new challenge in terms of skills and knowledge.

I will admit that I seriously underestimated this whole thing and it turned out to be way bigger of a challenge than I bargained for.  But while I whined about how hard this was, I simply could not stop wanting to learn more.  I was shocked and often disgusted to finally know why the products that I spent thousands over the years did little more than moisturize my face.

On the way to my first day of work at my part-time job as a business counselor at the Maryland Women’s Business Center I drove into and through Market Street in Frederick, Maryland and I had not been there in over 10 years.  I remember just feeling like I loved the place, and I noticed some main street places for rent and then found myself thinking how fun it would be to move my makeup studio from Montgomery County to Frederick.

It took me a while, and many clarity time-outs to realize that on that first drive in I begun to move the studio here.  So here I am.

Makeup Artist Pro Group and Skin Care Pro Group are about me, sharing with the community the real Maria, living one of my purposes in life:  to contribute to all people that come into my world with a spirit of abundancy, creativity, acceptance, and positive energy.  The studio is not going to be in any way the traditional “day spa” experience simply because I don’t fit into that mold.  It is as eclectic as life itself.  It is as perfectly imperfect as me and the rest of us.

Come by and see for yourself if my style works for you or not.  You can reach out to me or just stop by one of the days that we are open.  If you want to contact me now, here are all the options.  Either way, I am going to be glad you came.

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